Active Ingredients: Maracuja Fruit Eye Cream - Anti-Aging/Puffiness – Skincare Derived From Nature

Active Ingredients: Maracuja Fruit Eye Cream - Anti-Aging/Puffiness

Passion Fruit Oil: Out passion fruit oil comes from the Amazon where it is wildly harvested and cold pressed locally. Passion Fruit Oil contains high levels of linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Essential fatty acids and nutrients, are vital to skin health. Linoleic acid is ideal for soothing dry, flaky skin and also acne prone skin.

Edelweiss Extract: The Edelweiss extract comes straight from the Alps. Delivering beneficial hydration for a youthful appearance. Increasing the skin's plumpness and allowing the skin to build its own resiliency against dryness. beneficial for all skin types, including those with very dry or oily skin.        

Orchid Stem Cells: Plant stem cells obtained from a Japanese orchid flower (Calanthe Discolor). Some vitro studies with tissue cells have been found that orchid stem cells extracts are able to induce several growth factors and stimulate the production of tissue proteins (collagen, elastin). With rejuvenating effect such as restoring firmness and elasticity of the skin and redefining the contouring of the eye area (volume reduction). Provides a drooping eye lifting effect helping to open the eye for a refreshed look. Reduces appearance of fine wrinkles, dull and rough skin