About Us – Skincare Derived From Nature

About Us

Our mission is to create potent safe skincare from ingredients based in nature. Taking advantage nature’s offerings, while keeping our environmental footprint low and contributing to increasing global sustainability. 

PuraCura product ingredients are safe, free of harmful chemicals such as: silicone, PEG’s, parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic dye or perfume

As there is no uniformly accepted definition of natural our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible to allow you to make an educated decision based on your own comfort level of natural. That is why we utilize the 3 Shads of Green classification which every product will display. 

Shade 1:
100% all ingredients have been picked from nature, and are brought to you without undergoing a chemical reaction or preserved. Maintaining its original chemical composition. Oils for example.
Shade 2:
Ingredients have been picked from nature, and then undergo a chemical reaction, such as fermentation, hydrolysis. emulsifier. Such as using heat for extracts, or brought to you without being chemically altered or preserved.
Shade 3:
Ingredients not derived from nature, but rather are chemically derived and are said to be nature identical, i.e. having a identical chemical composition. Ex. Citric acid, Vitamins

Whenever possible we choose unrefined oils and butters which retain more of the properties beneficial to the skin. PuraCura creams and serums are potent blends of naturally based ingredients, selected for their relevant benefit(s) related to countering the signs of aging, free radicals, inflammation and/or dryness.

Selected ingredients aim to help your skin revive and balance itself by infusing it with nutrients believed to be needed to stimulate the skin's own regenerative process. By increase the synthesis of the components needed to stimulate cell turnover, collagen production, and better nutrient absorption. Promoting a better overall appearance of your complexion, toning and promoting increased skin elasticity; therefore decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leading to a general more youthful appearance.

All our ingredients are sourced as directly as possible from the source and/or from respectable suppliers. Such as our Brazilian Acai, Buriti, Paracxi oils etc. are grown in the amazon. Harvested and processed by small farmers. Giving us a pesticide free products, simultaneously helping small farmers. Our edelweiss is from Switzerland of course, and our apple stem cells are made from an endangered Swiss apple the, Uttwiler Spatlauber. What we can’t get close to its origin, we source from respectable cosmetic suppliers. That provide certificates of pureness and absence of pesticides, mineral oils, PEG’s and other harmful ingredients that the big names in the industry like to use. 

We stay away from plastic as much as possible. Our product packaging reflects this goal. Except for body scrubs used in the shower, our products are packaged in glass and/or aluminum tin containers - note, our glass jars do contain a little plastic, in the cap, for sealing. 

The preservatives utilized for products that contain water (as opposed to our oil based products) are accepted as natural under natural cosmetic standards, such as ECOCERT/COSMOS. Anything containing water requires a preservative to shield it against unwanted microbial and/or unsafe developments. 


Anita Godecki, founder of NuraCura© experimented with natural cosmetics at an early age. Growing up in her mom’s European cosmetic salons, she watched her mother, and best friend, experimenting with mixing natural cabin products. Back then they focused on peeling creams made with natural ingredients. They were visionaries, they bet on all things natural.

This ‘hobby experiment’ became more serious when her friend developed melanoma on her face and Anita reached 40 years of age. They started to do research on all sorts of creams and their ingredients. Soon realizing that some ingredients in regular cosmetics can be very harmful, toxic, even cancer causing. Many famous cream manufacturers used very little, if any natural ingredients, as the synthetically derived ingredients are said to be more stable. This realization led them to dive into making natural creams for themselves and started to offer them in their salon in Germany. 

Personally Anita noticed changes in her skin, such as her skins lacking vigor, loss of elasticity, and her interest in getting back to the source as much as possible inspired her to focus on creating a skin care that was natural, with sustainability in mind, and just felt good on her skin. After trying various well known brands seeing little success, and not at all impressed by the ingredients.

Anita decided to expand her knowledge about natural ingredients. 

After completing studies around natural skincare, Anita moved to New York and put her talent and energy into starting her own company. Encouraged by her own positive experience with her natural creations. Confirmed by friends and family, who loved the product as well. 

NuraCura© Cosmetics USA was born.