3 Shades of Natural – Skincare Derived From Nature

3 Shades of Natural

Shade 1:
100% all ingredients have been picked from nature, and are brought to you without undergoing a chemical reaction or preserved. Maintaining its original chemical composition. Oils for example.
Shade 2:
Ingredients have been picked from nature, and then undergo a chemical reaction, such as fermentation, hydrolysis. emulsifier. Such as using heat for extracts, or brought to you without being chemically altered or preserved.
Shade 3:
Ingredients not derived from nature, but rather are chemically derived and are said to be nature identical, i.e. having a identical chemical composition. Ex. Citric acid, Vitamins

All our ingredients are sourced as directly as possible from the source and/or from respectable suppliers. Such as our Brazilian Acai, Buriti, Paracxi oils etc. are grown in the amazon. Harvested and processed by small farmers. Giving us a pesticide free products, simultaneously helping small farmers. Our edelweiss are from Switzerland of course, and our apple stem cells made from an endangered the Swiss apple the, Uttwiler Spatlauber. What we can’t get close to its origin, we source from respectable cosmetic suppliers. That provide certificates of pureness and absence of pesticides, mineral oils, PEG’s and other harmful ingredients that the big names in the industry like to use. As they are cheaper and tend to be more stable.