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Active Ingredients: Hydrating and Revitalizing Serum

Pineapple contains one of the world’s most effective enzymes, Bromelain. Most commonly extracted from Pineapple, it is known as a protelytic  enzyme, meaning that it has the unique quality of being able to reduce inflammation on the skin and breakdown proteins that cause build-up. Perfect for problem skin, the enzyme helps to effectively disintegrate excess surface cells for efficient and non-abrasive exfoliation. 

Pomegranate antioxidants helps defend the skin against the effects of free radicals. It is packed with minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C, that are vital in protecting and repairing the skin. The pomegranate fruit is known to contain anthocyanidin and hydrolyzed tannins with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to, a variety of antioxidants; among them most importantly are the high levels of polyphenols. 

Hydrolyzed Hemp Proteins are beneficial to the structure and elasticity of the skin. As with collagen, elastin is affected by time and the elements. Lower levels of protein cause skin to wrinkle and sag. Hemp proteins help restore epidermal homeostasis for more vibrant skin. Enhances hydration, leaving skin well moisturized. Improving the skins texture, having components beneficial to reducing flakiness.

Hyaluronic acid is know to attract water and hold many times its weight in water. Our skin is depleted from it over time, and we need to replace it as the body cannot produce it.